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space is (not) precise

an investigation on the intersection of physical space and narratives

The photo series explores spaces, visible and unnoticed, the ones created in each moment and those morphing through interaction between a transformable sculpture and a performer. The object resembles an idea / sketch of a re-fashionable house, shifting it‘s shape and thus being vulnerable by continuous affection. The performer examines inner spaces, emotions and imagination through the immersion with the partner (house). This symbiotic companionship equals an interdependency between subject and object, whereas the roles are not always clearly defined, enacting a converged entity.
Gaston Bachelard makes a parallel in „The Poetics of Space“ between the arrangement of a house and the ability of man to think and visualize, placing emphasis on the imagination as a major power of human nature.*
* https://garagemca.org/en/publishing/the-poetics-of-space-by-gaston-bachelard

Photo & Artwork: Adriana Torres Topaga
Performance: Andrea Maria Handler
Space: Kunstuni Linz
research study for a dance performance

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