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    Handler - Pardo - Torres

    Andrea Maria Handler & Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli

    Graphics, Costume & stage design:
    Adriana Torres Topaga
    Costume assistant:
    Julio Andres Escudero

    David Longa

    Aileen Deireg

    Coproduction with
    Cie. Off Verticality - Rose Breuss Tanz*hotel Bert Gstettner 


    PREMIERE 6.11.2014
    LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz
    Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1, 4020 Linz


Klette the phenomenon of surrealistic clinging

    It used to be very special place, full of memories and things we tried to leave behind - faster than yesterday, heavier than today and closer than tomorrow

    The dance performance is an interdisciplinary work around the invention of George de Mestral from the 1940s. The specific design of the costumes with velcro, which mechanism is derived from the features of the „Arcticum Lappa“, transforms attachment into a physically prevailing constant. The stage is shared by 3 performers whose presences are in a constant flux between subject and object. This fact puts them into a physical, emotional and architectural relation anew over and over again.

LENTOS / Premiere
Foto: Manfred Koppensteiner,
Roland Lasinger, Dante Murillo Bobadilla
Klette- LENTOS Klette Klette Klette KletteKlette Klette Klette Klette heno / hay / heu heno / hay / heu Klette

Tanz*hotel / Residency Foto: Ernst Grünwald


Red Sapata / Prozess. Foto: a+ Adriana Torres Topaga

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Klette Trailer




Andrea Maria Handler
Andrea Maria Handler is a dancer and pedagogue resident in Vienna/Austria. Her field of interest covers a wide range of “body/mind-concepts” that deal with integration, awareness and transparency. The investigation in these areas are reflected in her work.

As a dancer Andrea was working with choreographers such as Rose Breuss, Johannes Randolf, Liz King und Editta Braun. Her work as a pedagogue took her amongst others to Serbia and Ukraine and since 2013 she is a teacher for contemporary dance technique at the Anton Bruckner University.

Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli Arnulfo is a dance artist, researcher, performer and pedagogue based in Linz-Austria. His artistic work constantly experiments with new ways of scenic expression, having strong influence of Physical Awareness as a key-concept to connect mind, body and space while dancing, and specially while developing interdisciplinary collaborations with another types of art. As performer Arnulfo has worked with important European choreographers, such Rose Breuss (Austria), Stephan Rabl (Austria), Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla (Austria/Colombia), Francesco Scavetta (Norway/Italy), Snjezana Abramovic Milkovic (Croatia), Bruno Genty (France). His engagements with these choreographers have taken him to festivals in Europe, South-America, Asia and Africa.

In the pedagogical field, Arnulfo teaches Contemporary Dance Technique and Movement Research at IDA -Institute Of Dance Arts- Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität since 2010. He works as well as a contemporary dance teacher for the Ballet Company of Landestheater Linz, since October 2012.

Adriana Torres Topaga Visual artist, designer and researcher.Themes of her interest are body and perception, the relationship between new and low technologies around the human body, Wearables, art and design methodology, upcycling, materials research, consume culture and social impact of design and arts.
a+ had showed her work among other exhibitions at: Afo (Linz), Recycling Festival (Berlin); CCCB Barcelona, Ars Electronica Center, unter anderen Ausstellungen gezeigt.
In some her later works a+ has been working with dancers, specially with the dancer and performer Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli; with him and other cooperators she's actually developing the platform ”lab on stage” with the aim of exploring the relationship between body, movement, gestures, materials, technics and space, as well the performance as a medium for interdisciplinary research and study of the creative process. http://puntos.at/LAB_SITE/lab_on_stage.html
a+ is also chairwoman of the board of directors of the migrant association “maiz” in Linz, Austria.

David José Longa Mendoza Composer und Orchestrator. Longa’s music was playing in different Internationals Festivals like Druskomanjia, Feriencourse Darmstad (Germany), Prima la Musica (Austria), Latin American Contemporary music Festival (Venezuela) and other. Also Worked with Different Ensemble, Orchester and Different Artist, Producent and Choreographers.
2012 take the Talent Award from the Governament of Uper Austria (Linz).  Also Starting his Second Master in „Music for Film and Medien“ at the Donau University in Krems (Austria). 2014 Organize The Young Composer Festival "Wie (UN) Gewönlich in Linz. 

Julio Andrés Escudero Dancer and costume designer.

Aileen Deireg
Born in Tucson, Arizona, USA, studied theology at the University of San Francisco and the University of Innsbruck; lives in Linz since 1985 and works as a translator with an emphasis on contemporary art and new media: http://eliot.at


KLETTE Dance performance
With the support of:
// Stadt Linz // LENTOS Kunstmuseum // Kulturland Oberösterreich // Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität // Cie. Off Verticality - Rose Breuss // Papplab // Tanz*Hotel Residency AAR term 9 - Bert Gstettner // Divino // Redsapata Tanzfabrik // Hechtl’s Weberei

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