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one-day workshop that focuses on awareness
and pleasure of embodiment through creative processes

In this meeting LAB ON STAGE aims to share profound knowledge and practices of body awareness and body work, creating a space for you for attentive experiencing, exploration and play.

In the workshop we will go through practices individually, in pairs and group which include physical and somatic exercises, gentle bodywork, attentive touch and the play between sensation and imagination. We will take time to work with different textures of touch and material in contact with our skin. Especially for this case we will have a closer look on wool (cleaned and slightly processed). We will explore how touch and movement uncover creative imagery that can be shaped into different outcomes as drawing, writing, storytelling, sculpting.

Part of the offered practice is based on a unique research perspective relating movement processes with the knowledge of neuroscience. Touch and conscious movement are vital to our physical well-being as much as they are inevitable for mental health and developing social skills. Through experiencing attentive touch one becomes more comfortable in social interactions, improves embodied communication skills, learns to find pleasure in tactility and living in one's own skin. 

The workshop is dedicated to everyone who wishes to feel more settled in their body and / or is interested in movement, performance, theatre, art, body-work, creative work or education.

Communication and translation is possible in English, Spanish, German and Polish!
No pre-knowledge necessary - just bring yourself, comfortable clothes and your curiosity!

* guided warm-up 
* physical & somatic exercises
* guided relaxation practice 
* guided gentle bodywork in pairs

- break - 

* introducing attentive touch 
* exercises around the topic of body and tactile materials 
* exercises around the topic of touch, stimulation and perception as doors to sensation and imagination 

SATURDAY⎥28th of July 2018
14:00 - 18:00 

Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz
Hagenstraße 57
4040 Linz
dance department⎥ground floor⎥ Studio 2

50€ - including a healthy snack in the break
45€ - for EARLY BIRDS (till 15th of July) 

Mail to: labonstagecollective@gmail.com

If you really like to attend the workshop but can't afford it at the moment, we give away one scholarship of free participation. Don’t be shy just write us about your motivation.

Martyna Lorenc⎥dancer, choreographer & cognitive scientist
Adriana Torres Topaga⎥visual artist, designer & researcher
Andrea Maria Handler⎥mover & dance pedagogue


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