Garden of desires

Garten of desires
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Last presentation Kuntsuni Linz Oct.2018

Concept: Martyna Lorenc
Performance: Martyna Lorenc & Andrea Maria Handler
Music & soundscape: Karol Kensy (Kensee)
Stage assistance: Adriana Torres Topaga
Initial research, VARP 2013: Gaja Karolczak, Martyna Lorenc, Maria Zimpel
With special thanks to other former contributors: Ludmiła Kaczmarek, Gaja Karolczak, Claire Blake
Kindly supported by Land Oberösterreich, Linz Kultur, C.O.V./Rose Breuss, Life Long Burning (Wild Cards/DanceWEB), Lab On Stage, Anton Bruckner University Linz, 4Culture Association – WASP Bucharest, Art Stations Foundation Poznań (Old Brewery New Dance), Sense of Movement Foundation Poznań.

Garden of desires is a small-scale interdisciplinary venture that has been developed with contribution of people involved in different disciplines – performing arts, cognitive science, dance theory, music, space design. Part of the inspiration and methodology stem from former research project intersecting neuroscience and movement practices on the topic of phantomic sensations. The term “phantom” and „phantomic” constituted a conceptual and metaphorical frame for working with those layers of experience that are residues and traces of stimulations, as well as account for hidden, contextual layers of what's manifested and perceivable.

FOTO: Corina Deaconu

The process of creating Garden of desires aimed at investigating the tangency of bodily sensation and imagination as a place of an interweaving of what’s present and what’s apparent to our senses. 
Central to this process is touch and tactile stimulation - in variety and nuances, literal, spoken or simulated, and the possible contents it may reveal in a person, a sensation, an image, a memory, an emotion, an environment, a narrative. The practiced art of touch is not pre-set by a clear intention, becomes choreographed by elementary curiosity in the very moment. All the stimulative experiences, actual, fictitious, imagined, spoken, unravel different bodies contained in one. A body which borders can be far away from their substance. A body that morphs its proprioceptively felt shape through touch and sensation into its alternatives, phantastic entities, manifested in movement. A body that extends through imagery it evokes, into other spaces, universes. 

Initial research, VARP 2013: Claire Blake, Gaja Karolczak, Ludmiła Kaczmarek, Martyna Lorenc, Maria Zimpel

Garden of desires - Foto collage: Martyna LorencGarden of desires - Foto: Bernhard PuschGarten of desidres - Foto: Corina Deaconu Garten of desires - Foto: a+Garten of desires - Foto: a+Garten of desires - Foto: a+Garten of desires - Foto: a+Garten of desires - Foto: a+


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