Intelligent Skin /
Social skin

    Visualisation space concept

    This project is based on mechanical processes of the skin originated by body temperature regulation like sweating and in the cutis anserina (goose bumps).
    The cutis anserina is a reflex, the hair erection of the skin responds to cold, emotional stress or skin irritation.
    It’s caused by the contraction of smooth muscles of the skin applicating a tactile stimulus or local cooling.

      This work is a visualisation and spatialization of the mechanic of the skin’s pores in their various stages when sensing the change of temperatur.
      Application of this principle:

    • Intelligent textiles: Conception of a material which reacts to heat or coldness, opening or closing its surface.
    • Social skin: Visualisation of the openess of a country. Comparing moments that deal with financial parameters and social politics for instance.

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