Show me
what you got

    Interactiv Garment
    Fabric and electronic devices

    Focus of this project is the representation of social weather and private space.

    As a result, an interactive dress formally inspired by the human skin and by the form of the cactus; this last related to the harsh hot weather conditions, analogue to social environment permanent delimited for regulatory burdens and globalisation norms.

    The dress is made of a repetition of modules analogously to the pores of human skin. In each module, there is an embedded spike connected to an electromechanical assembly -(arduino plus sonar sensors and servo motors)- which triggers the spike out or inside of the skin reacting to the environment.
    Core of the project is the body as a last resort territory and the skin as the border with its own rules. “Show me what you got” functions as a prosthesis, placebo, prophylaxis against disturbances, privacy issues, an object of skin study and as a paradoxical space statement about resistance and Interaction between the user and its surroundings.


    garment_state1 garment_state2


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