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Skin tableaus

    Developed at the Workshop at the Main Square in Linz (Werkstatt am Hauptplatz), 2015.

    Doris Sattelberger / Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli

    Fotography / Montage:
    Adriana Torres Topaga

    Music:" Backdrop 2015March08" by ainsite (cc)
    Mix: a+

    Thanks to Aileen Deireg for her support.

    The space around us in which we interact, could be seen as a skin-enlargement? The skin as negotiation space, a womb-like environment.

    This series of fotos and videos try to generate an abstraction of the human body by placing the performers between two surfaces: a stretched fabric over their bodies and a furry one underneath. The capture imaged reminds a womb-like environment, sometimes even liquid because of the monochrome, light and blurriness of the image. The movement and the visible parts shown through the skin (streched material) builds a subject defined in a fragmented manner. At the other hand the fluid moves in such a smooth setting producing in the observers a kind of sense of calmness .

    Using the same framework some objects were set up within it, as an attempt to research other aspects of the skin such:

    - the expression of the outside or contour of objects as "performers" of an environment and
    - by ironing out the appearance of the "actors", looking for a habitat in which either human or non-humans could be seen “alike”, rather with the aim of sustaining the quietness atmosphere or transporting it to in-animated subjects.

Video - "Skin - Uncertainty"