The parasite in the capsule

    Photo Installation
    Skogafoss, Vik I Myrdal, Jökullsárlòn - Island
    Linz - Austria
    Bad Schallerbach - Austria

    Metaphorically, the parasite questions and points to architectural approaches like climate capsules or bubbles seen as an alternative hint to the evolution of climate change. Its form mimics an adaptable transparent skin whichs protects the center of a body - rescue blanket - given the effectiveness of survival due to the range of scenarios where it can evolve, the undeniable autonomy of a parasite over and beyond space.

    This work is composed of a series of photos documenting how the parasite adapts to several topographic an geographic areas, including Iceland and Upper Austria.

    “The parasite in a capsule“ involves diverse references:
    It poses the question about the architectural models built to sustain climate change like capsules.
    It also represents the idea of how human beings adapt and modify their surroundings, sometimes in a drastic manner.
    Locating the parasite in different environments displays often a reflection about the artificial an the natural.
    The project also refers to the isolated geographic situation of Iceland, it’s assets and vast landscapes.

IslandThe parasite in the capsulereenacting_valei_bodyconfigurations_fountain_mirrorreenacting_valei_body_configurations_fountain_welsreenacting_valie_body_configurations_fountain_wels_appart
Austria / Linz reenacting_valei_fountainVThe parasite in the capsulereenacting_valei_body_configurations_galerie_stiegereenacting_valei_galerie_vorplatz_wand
Austria / Bad Schallerbach The parasite in the capsule

Model 1 and 2 reenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_boden
Prototyping reenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_bodenreenacting_valei_galerie_innen_boden

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