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Packing the floor

    This project is about objects meaning, transformation and movement.... Everyday milk boxes which were once on our house tables and after we enjoyed their content, following the austrian posture of washing the waste, we sensibly cleaned them to let them rest for a while at the attic... waiting for the proper moment or idea to "activate" them again at the workshop. We took them to the "Werkstatt am Hauptplatz" without knowing exactly what they were going to "become", over there they took a part of a couple installation-performances (milch packaging) and finally the basic material of a space-related installation based on the size and movement of the space we were in. The boxes were opended and sewn together to became a kind of second skin of the space, a cat walk which fulfilled its purport by the visitors of the installation.

    Developed by
    with the support of "Werkstatt am Hauptplatz"