The skin a negotiation space
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    Installation of photography and video portraits on latex
    Art University of Linz (2012), Fotos Kunstsalon (2015), Gallery Forum Wels (2015) - Austria

    The skin acts as an interface and link between spaces of various kinds. Its special characteristic as a surface for intervention is the “inbetween-ness“ and liminality as creators for identity. The artistic creative method and the artistic and performative implementation are the central point of this research. As a result of this processes emerged an installation containing three parts that focused on different aspects of the skin:

    1. Re-enactment (video portraits projected on latex): “There used to be a colombian inside this body.“
    This video deals with the Space of the Other and presents the skin as a pergammon; like a space where your social imprint is written.
    2. 5 portraits (stills printed on latex fabrics): A spacial attempt to represent the Self.
    3. PART 3 (video portraits projected on latex): The Other’s Space is a video depicting the result of a comparison between the mechanical properties of the skin and the concept of tactics by Michel de Certau*.

    These parts interlace in the contents, visuals and materials. The visual’s performance main character is a male body that is displayed in different poses. The gestures and also the position of these portraits in the installation illustrate the skin as a heterotopic space while suggesting a hint to its mechanical and social functions.There used to be a colombian inside this body.“

    Projektion auf latex
    Performer: Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla. Foto:a+

    skin_tacticWhole document: https://www.yumpu.com/de/document/view/37520987/raum-installation-handlungsraum-haut-adriana-torres-topaga/6

Installation Handlungsraum Haut

Video - "There used to be a Colombian inside this body"

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