fem*voice kollektive

fem*-voice-kollektiv eröffnet einen Raum, in dem wir zusammenkommen, um die Ressourcen unserer Körper, Stimmen und Vorstellungskraft zu erforschen und zu nähren.
In diesem Raum laden wir zu Praktiken des kollektiven Singens und Tanzens ein, um unsere Kämpfe und Wünsche kreativ zu transformieren, als Akte des Widerstands und Protests, als Mittel zur wechselseitigen Ermächtigung oder als Visionen der Welt, in der wir leben wollen.

Welche kollektiven Räume des Austauschs, des Ausdrucks und der Transformation brauchen wir, um uns gegenseitig zu ernähren, zu erden und miteinander zu verbinden?

    beauty and schön

    Logo e Illustration: Adriana Torres Topaga


The first instance of the f*vk laboratory took place in frame of the exhibition wir arbeiten dran Versuchsanordnungen im politisch-feministischen Spannungsfeld  
splace am Hauptplatz, Linz
about experimental arrangements in the political-feminist field, organised by the association FIFTITU% in Linz.

Mo 04.03: fem*-voice-kollektive Workshop feministische Stimmen. Im Rahmen der Ausstellung" wir arbeiten daran"
Mi 06.03: kurze Intervention/ Eröffnung der Ausstellung "wir arbeiten daran"
Fr 08.03: Feministische Kampftag Intervention / Linz Hauptplatz
Mi 13.03: fem*-voice-kollektive Workshop feministische Stimmen. Im Rahmen der Ausstellung" wir arbeiten daran"

FOTOS: f*vk, Rocio del Rio, Eike Pischläger, Violetta Wakolbinger.


fem* voice kollektiv is an initiative by Adriana Torres, Fatima El Kosht and Martyna Lorenc, for opening up spaces for exchange, learning and togetherness, focused on collective practices around body and voices. The intention is to look for opportunities to bring groups together, addressing primarily women* and FLINTAs with migration experience or from marginalized backgrounds, to ground, connect and empower each other in our struggles.



Zug nach Wittenau
From links nach rechts: Fatima El Kosht, Martyna Lorenc und Adriana Tores Topaga
Foto: @Violetta Wakolbinger

Fatima El Kosht


Fatima El Kosht is an austro-argentine artist based in Linz, Austria. Her interdisciplinary collaborations shift through Musik, Performance, Media Art and Installation.
As a composer and multiinstrumentalist she performs solo or in different Ensembles with a repertoire of southamerican touch. She works as well in the fields of electroacustic improvisation, Sounddesign and fieldrecording for visual arts, film and animation.
In the passt years she increasingly devoted herself to media art and digital documentation, completing in 2023 a Master on Time Based Media at the University of Art, Linz.
She collaborates in numerous documentaries about the socio-cultural activities of Upper Austria and abroad, producing and developing different Settings for the non commercial Plattform DORF TV.
For the multilingual audiovisual performance “Las Dos Caras/ On the Duality of Migration” she received in 2017 the award Picture your Sound your Picture (PySyP) of the Austrian Composers Association and with the support of the KUNSTSAMMLUNG of Upper Austria.
In 2018 she published “Revision of the history of Tango/Social background and research of afro-descendant traces in its musical development”, with the AV Akademiker Verlag.
One of her ongoing projects is the multimedia Installation “House of Chicharras” on the theme “Reconstruction of Worlds”, an interdisciplinary composition between text, archive material, photography, a film shot in Argentina and music.

Cooperations: Klangwolke Linz, fiftitu%, Anton Bruckner Universität Linz, MAIZ, Kunstuniversität Linz, Phönix Theater, Musiktheater Linz, DORF TV



she/they/Marty) is an artist working in the field of performing arts, sociopolitical engagement and pedagogy. Born in 1987, Marty grew up in Poland and has lived in Austria since 2010, however, moving around in the meantime as a freelancer. 

During and after her academic education in cognitive science (MSc.) and contemporary dance (BA), Marty worked as a dancer and performer with dance companies and independent choreographers.

Over the years, in her creative work Marty has been investigating the realms of somatics and imagination, and the body as a field of personal, social and structural struggles.. Her works span different formats, from stage performance (The feeling that this is the case) or lecture performance (Garden of desires) to club sessions (Trance.sense.dance) or video installations (Ixo-9). She is dedicated to movement research, creative process and embodiment practices as powerful tools for responding to sociopolitical issues, and for personal and collective transformation. Since 2018 Marty has been co-creating LAB ON STAGE art collective, focusing on interdisciplinary inquiries.

Since 2020 Martyna works with maiz – autonomous center from and for migrant women – in Linz, Austria, a self-organization that focuses on improving the life and work situation of migrant women*, where she coordinates programs for youth. 



Born in Bogotá, Colombia, lives and works in Linz as an artist, designer and facilitator.
She explores sensory perception, public space, identity constructions and the relationship between the human body, space and technology in an experimental and interdisciplinary way. In general, her projects deal with topics such as consumerism, migration, decolonization, human relationship to the environment and the preservation of life.

The experimentation with potential technologies and formats, combined with the intention to reflect on socio-political contexts, is expressed in different areas and formats such as wearable technology, art in architecture, video, audio, interactive objects or spaces and performances and workshops.

Since 2009 member of the association "maiz - an independent organization by and for migrant women* in Linz, as graphic artist, (between 2016-2017), board member (2009-2016), artistic director of the project "Das Leben hat Gewicht", a maiz project on the topics of health and nutrition in the examination of social tensions in the context of migration and in 2019 coordinator of the maiz cultural area (association maiz- Autonomes Zentrum von und für Migrantinnen).

Since 2017 she has been carrying out educational activities in the field of art coupled with critical social work at different institutions such as the Linz University of Applied Sciences, the Bern University of Applied Sciences, in various associations e.g. maiz and Kollektiv 2023 (Association for critical education) and in the field of video at the Linz University of Art (2020).

Her works have been exhibited at Galerie Forum (Wels), Afo (Linz), Kunstforum - Salzkammergut, Ars Electronica (Linz), bb15 (Linz), Studienkirche St Josef (Burghausen), CCCB Barcelona, Time-Space-Existence exhibition (as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020) among others.