Interactive CDrom

    Visual representation of fragmentation experienced in the language, my living places, body and Working with digital media.

    The word fragmentierung-ción corresponds to a geo-social situation. Fragmentierung-ción is a made up word: the first part in german and connected with a second part in spanish.
    This work was developed by a time I was moving between Spain and Austria. Every day learning and communicating partly in a new lenguage (german) different of the place I was living (Barcelona).

    This fragmented condition was not only experienced in the lenguage but also on the perception of my living place(s) and my study of digital arts by that time.

    I also was witnessing the gentrification process of the distric I was residing in Barcelona: “El Raval”.

    All this constellation created also an unbalanced body awareness, which I depicted with different graphic digital tools such 3D modeling and programming, combined with some questions around the spaces I was moving in and their perception. In this work I documented some fragments of the city of Barcelona, mixed with the virtuality i was living through my art practice dealing mostly with digitial representation in front of a screen and the music I was listening to by that time.

    Video: screen capture