Digital love

    Video, sensors, mircrocontroller.

    Text author Christina Hainzl (Kutur Bericht Oberösterreich. Folge 8. August 2009)

    Quoting Adriana Torres “Design, should have to do with social behavior, fairness and an awareness of the environment and the people”
    For this idea, the artist developed in recent years
    the series “Consum, Identity & Illusion”. The work “Digital Love”
    an interactive video installation that took its starting point on the
    Painting “The Two Fridas” by Frida Kahlo. “’Digital Love’ refers to the everyday use of the Internet as a relationship substitute.

    For installation, the artist developed two-dimensional
    Figures symbolizing both network, distance and the need of nearness. Chat texts are controlled by the visitor, whom can experience simultaneously the closeness and distance of digital relationships
    at first hand. “Visitors / learn internally by its purely physical presence of emotional processes, which is an exact paradox of the internet chat,” said Torres.

digital love