Bio Dirndl

    Verpackungen von Bio Produkte
    Oberösterreichisches Dirndl

    Text von Galia Stadlbauer-Baeva Coordinator of the project »Identity today ...« und ehem. Mitarbeiterin von MAIZ / 2007 “Identity of the disconfort”

    Adriana Torres showed in a window a Dirndl Dress made of packages of organic products and in the second window the image of Che Guevara composed of red coke bottle caps. The question of whether social class can construct a / multiple identity / s / to, or vice versa, emerged as a logical consequence when considering the construction of identity through class. As the criticism of the system is recognized, the construction of new identities is enlarged and provided constantly with “fresh blood”.
    The visible example of the BIO-delusion in Central and Western Europe, like a living alternative with initially deep ideological claims ended collected and used by the market, the dominant discourse and the functioning of the “biological power.”

    The same pattern of behavior of the market around myths, such as Che Guevara’s, misused Icon, raises the question: are criticism, riot and discomfort not even also products of capitalism? Conformism and criticism together hand in hand?



    Bio Dirndl

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