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LAB ON STAGE 2016 / Andrea Maria Handler, Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli und Adriana Torres Topaga
Invited gast: Alex de Europa

Produced by LAB ON STAGE 2016
Andrea Maria Handler, Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli und Adriana Torres Topaga
Invited gast: Alex de Europa

Performers: Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli, Andrea Maria Handler
Camara: Alex de Europa, Adriana Torres Topaga
Edition: Alex de Europa, Adriana Torres Topaga
Voice: Vivian di Iorio

Silent movements in a disregarded space.
Being pulled by gravity, rolling beneath the earth to fall even deeper just to crash against the concrete wall. 
The echo of a scream pervades the whole sphere.
The marks on the skin space were witnessing the friction with cold iron transposing to the body.
Living loops of persevering stillness.
Hanging on to what is familiar delivered to the attending force of any change.

Standby is one of "The dog is missing" movies recorded during residency at Urhof 20 (NÖ)


The short film series THE DOG IS MISSING by LAB ON STAGE evolved during a residency at URHOF 20 in Grünbach am Schneeberg / Austria.

The specificity of URHOF capturing it’s almost 100 years of history and architecture is of genuine origin. Once build as a labour home the house has borne several names and got almost forgotten underneath countless layers of transformation respective to it’s owners and various modes of use.

Idle areas of the house bear witnes of a past condition as one can still sense the atmosphere of anothert use of space. The wallpaper, the every day utensils which are still around, the missing part of the floor..., the changes caused by time and neglect or perhaps an unattended effort.

LAB ON STAGE approaches the architectural character of Urhof by uncovering shades of oblivion that echoe other times in space, writing and performing new histories within them. Chosen spots serve as settings for film shoots of improvised character. Each particular room or corner proposes a context for the narrative, making possilble the active and communicative relation between the observer, the perfomer and action location. Meeting the memory of departed experiences within those walls LAB ON STAGE captures diverse aspects of embodiment of URHOFs architecture and history and propounds new narratives of space a kind of Détournement.

As the title suggests all the movies convey a temporary-spacial nuance, representing the unseen as charged vacuity paired with phantasmagorical elements that simply resemble the fundamental features of URHOF itself. THE DOG IS MISSING tries to capture the intangible sentiments beyond matter acknowledging the ephemerality of performance and space and displaying it in new stories

1_ A universal synthesis 4_ Standby
2_ Likewise 5_ Why Disney needs a gay princess
3_ I love you, I love you not 6_ A soap opereta


Done with the support of Urhof 20, Land Oberösterreich Kultur and dorftv.
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