On the town musicians (Deutsche Version)

    Technic: Found Objects, wool, wooden and plastic chairs
    Size: 150x56x50cm

    Armchairs found "like badly treated pets", each one of them different and of a kind, piled and shrouded in raw wool emerge connected via space and skin as a new assemblage recalling the body of the town musicians of Bremen. In the story of the town musicians of Bremen there are four characters, in this sculpture there is a new one which forms a new troupe. Through the homogen skin the characters of this work develop a kind of presence of a living being. Each one exceptional on its own, all together stronger and supportivr for the smallest. A promise of democratic prospects?.
    Inspired by Bruno Latour's Actor-Network Theory , this work strives to recognize the autonomy and the agency of the objects making this visible spacially and by their felted skin.
    Keywords: skin, surrealistic, wool, found objects, assemblage, Town Musicians of Bremen

    Collective exhibition
    Vernissage: 27. November 2017_19 Uhr_Galerie der Vereinigung Kunstschaffender bvoö_Kulturquartier_EG Ursulinenhof - Linz
    28. November - 20. Dezember 2017

    on the town musicians

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