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LAB ON STAGE The creative process often remains hidden or non-communicated and secretive, sometimes treated with suspicion. Creators probably don't want to share it, because their methods or ideas could be copied. At other times the process might be perceived as incomplete or unworthy.
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LAB ON STAGE is an initiative that shows and communicates creative processes. It is an experimental, deconstructive method of staging, where the creative act becomes the central protagonist of a work, or rather an event. During the development process, using spatial, visual, acoustic, choreographic and performance elements, a physical and creative awareness begins to evolve. The set-up and interaction of all the previous mentioned components is an aesthetic experience itself. Contrary to works that are staged 'god-like', LAB ON STAGE understands, treats and shows the creative process as a stage-ready event.

The creative process is an aesthetic experience itself.

LAB ON STAGE roots in an investigation around the body, movement, space and materials. The topics involved are the transformation of the human body and it’s architecture, as well as social aspects of todays life such as gender, identity and consumerism.

Adriana Torres Topaga and Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli founded LAB ON STAGE in 2012. Since then various artists from different disciplines joined the initiative for specific collaborations.

:::: The collective ::::


Adriana is a visual artist, designer and researcher based in Linz, Austria.

Topics covered in her current artistic work include the human body in relation to public space, identity and consumerism. Adriana uses a diverse range of art forms to express her ideas creating clothing, jewelry, video, sound, interactive objects and spaces. Her work is developed independent from standards in size and technique.



Andrea Maria is a dancer and performer based in Vienna, Austria.

Her field of interest covers a wide range of body-mind-concepts that deal with integration, transparency and awareness. Investigations into these areas are reflected in her artistic work.

In 2014 Andrea Maria was invited to join the LAB ON STAGE collective for several interdisciplinary work. Andrea continues to collaborate with the initiative and has been involved in several of the projects.



Martyna is a dancer, researcher and pedadogue based in Linz, Austria

Martyna Lorenc is a movement artist and cognitive scientist born in Poznań (Poland), based in Austria. She completed MSc. studies in cognitive science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and BA studies in contemporary dance and pedagogy at Anton Bruckner University in Linz.

Due to Martyna’s education and character, her interests and work are interdisciplinary. Her research involves the topic of touch and attention to sensations and bodily information, with its relation to imagery, memory, communication, healing and transformation. Both artistically and scientifically, she is interested in most diverse ways of inhabiting and discovering the body, its knowledge and capacities, and the role of movement and attention to corporal processes in human functioning.


Arnulfo is a dancer, researcher, performer and pedagogue based in Vienna, Austria.

Honorary member and cofounder of LAB ON STAGE:. His artistic work constantly experiments with new ways of scenic expression and demonstrates a strong influence of physical awareness. This key-concept is used to connect body, mind and space while dancing, and especially while developing interdisciplinary collaborations with other types of art.



:::: Collaborators::::

Dolma Jover Agulló - Performance
Luis Hoyos Escobar -
David Longa - Music
Julio Andrés Escudero - Costume & Stage
Aileen Deireg - Voice & Translation, Mentor
Catalina Morales - Music
Manfred Koppensteiner - Photography
Uli Asamer -
Roland Lasinger - Photography
Solaja Rechlin - Camera
Doris Sattelberger - Performance
Rafal Pierzynski - Assistence
Vivian di Iorio - Camera, Voice & Translation
Erwin Reitböck - Provider
Cecilia Tasso - Video
Laura Eva Meuris - Performance

Paweł Duduś - Performance
Alex de Europa - Video

:::: Venues::::

Ars Electronica Center / Linz
BRUT / Vienna
bvoö / Linz
bb15 / Linz
Galerie Forum / Wels
LENTOS Kunstmuseum / Linz
Raumschiff / Linz
Urhof 20 / Grünbach
Werkstatt am Hauptplatz / Linz

:::: Festivals::::

Klette or the phenomenon of surrealistic clinging
PRISMA - Contemporary dance festival - Panama 2016
Perspektiven Festival - Attersee (Austria) / 2016
Divadlo Studio Tanca / Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) / 2015
Junge Kunst Parcours - Galerie Bella Arte / Vienna 2015
AGITART Festival / Figueres (Spain) / 2015
Lange Nacht der Bühnen / Linz / 2015

Imagetanz Festival BRUT / Vienna / 2016

Lange Nacht der Bühnen / Raumschiff / Linz / 2015
Feminismus und Krawall / Raumschiff / Linz / 2015

>>LAB ON STAGE videos

::visionXsound:: / Lower Austria / 2016

post-them / mice / milch packaging
Lange Nacht der Bühnen / Ars Electronica / Linz / 2014

::visionXsound:: / / Lower Austria / 2015

Wollknäuel / post-them / mice
bvoö / Linz / 2015

post-them / mice
LENTOS / Klette Premier / Linz / 2014

:::: Special Thanks to::::

Aileen Deireg - Werkstatt am Hauptplatz // www.werkstatt-am-hauptplatz.at
Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität // www.bruckneruni.at
bb15 // www.bb15.at

Cie. Off Verticality -Rose Breuss // www.rosebreuss.com
Divino - Susanne Zellinger // www.divino.at
Galerie Forum Wels //
Huggy Bears - Superamas // http://www.superamas.com/update/mission_eng.html
Papplab -Wodo Gratt // www.papplab.at
Red Sapata - Ilona Ruth & Uli Haager -// www.redsapata.com
Tanz*Hotel Bert Gstettner - //
Urhof 20 - Bea von Schrader // www.urhof20.at





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